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Something to tide you over until the next Festival performance…

Enjoy this lovely memory of the 2014 season…. At the Festival’s finale, there was a reprise of Strauss’s Emperor Waltz, and members of the audience joined in dancing, accompanied by students from the Cooperstown Cotillion, under the instruction of Mrs. Alma Curtis. Listen to this recording of the performance. Many thanks to all who make the Festival possible: musicians, donors, audience members, volunteers, colleagues, and supporters.

Audience Comments about Festival concerts:

• Thank you so much for such an addition to our summer!
• Outstanding, as always
• Consistently love level of performers, presentation, in short everything about the Festival.
• All performances have been superb
• Amazing series and choice of music. Thanks for the hard work!
• It was a treat to see/hear quality music while here on vacation. We hope you have continued success
• Terrific program, wonderful playing
• We had never included the festival in previous vacations here wish we had this is great.
• We love the quality and variety of all the programs we’ve attended for 10 years
• Excellent. Great Performance
• What a pleasure to have this in our area.

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