Pro Am

The Festival’s Pro Am features highly accomplished non-career musicians  who are coached by and then perform with professional artists.

Many thanks to John Herr, who photographed the 2014 Pro Am performance at Hyde Hall.

Barbara Gaden and Shirley Irek, photo by John HerrMarc Uys, Bruce Harris, Barbara Gaden and Jonathan Phillips, photo by John HerrKirsten Jerme, photo by John HerrMark Ptashne at Hyde Hall, photo by John Herr

The Horszowski Trio's Raman Ramakrishnan gets ready to join in a Pro Am rehearsal at Grace Church in Cherry Valley

Raman Ramakrishanan gets ready to join in a Pro Am rehearsal at Grace Church in Cherry Valley. Photo by Kevin Q. Gray

“It’s a great pleasure and privilege for me to perform at the Cooperstown Summer Music Festival Pro Am,” says Mark Ptashne, who has participated in six Pro Am Seminars, as well as the Roundtop Music Festival in Texas, the Hurwitz Chamber Music Festival in Italy, and the Yellow Barn Music Festival in Vermont. A member of the US National Academy of Sciences, Mr. Ptashne has won numerous national and international awards (including the Lasker Prize) for his work on gene regulation.

“It’s a unique opportunity to perform alongside world-class musicians in concert,” says Jonathan Phillips. “Linda Chesis has provided an environment in which the pros coach the ‘ams’ while playing their own part.  Sitting next to a pro elevates my own musicianship in a way that would never happen while only playing with other amateurs–it’s the best feeling!”

Jonathan Phillips performing

Jonathan Phillips performing at a Pro Am concert

Bruce Harris performing at Pathfinder Village

Bruce Harris performing at Pathfinder Village

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